April 5, 2010


After considerable time, I desire to write again for my country; Pakistan. The reasons for not writing before were many. However to keep it brief, one of the main reasons was that so much has been going in Pakistan since last two years that it had been hard to come to terms with.

We have been hearing since last two decades that Pakistan is standing at a ‘critical juncture.’ I believe that never before we have been in such a state of turmoil like we are in now. We, the privileged class, have miserably failed in aiding Pakistan. Pakistan has been wounded for last two decades. However, since the last five years Pakistan has faced some serious injuries. These injuries have not been attended to and unfortunately, there has been enormous bleeding. We are racing against time. During this time, the momentum has already been built to critically damage Pakistan. The ‘Great Game’ plan is coming closer to its climax. Today, we have been forced to believe that we are the warriors against ‘terrorism.’ We have been forced to understand that our prestigious Pakistan Armed Forces is no longer required against our traditional and geo strategic rivals. However, our glorified soldiers of the Pakistan Armed Forces are mere tools which they want to be disposed only to aid the anti-Pakistan interest in the region. The notion which is being marketed by the western powers is that ‘India is not the greatest threat to Pakistan.’ It is true indeed. The ruling class of Pakistan is our biggest threat. This threat endangers our existence; the very existence which allows us to have the potential to become a glorified nation.

Pakistan has become ‘democratic’ indeed. The democracy has flourished so much in the last few years that our self-centred leaders have become capable of running their own mini-states. The so called ‘provincial autonomy’ is a sword in disguise intended to threaten the existence of Pakistan. These so called leaders are all tainted with allegations of corruption, extortion, and all sorts of heinous crimes. They have succeeded in allowing the cancer to breed within Pakistan. Now, they will preach their own thought to tell our future generations that the only Quaid, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, was less important than their sub nationalist heroes. Quaid had envisioned a state where ‘a Muslim will seize to be a Muslim, a Christian will seize to be a Christian, and a Hindu will seize to be a Hindu.’ However, our leaders will preach a state where a ‘Punjabi will seize to be a Punjabi, a Pakhtun will seize to be a Pakhtun, a Balochi will seize to be a Balochi, a Sindhi will seize to be a Sindhi, and not to forget a Mohajir will seize to be a Mohajir.’ All these ethnic classes are today represented by selfish opportunist waiting to ‘seize’ their moment of glory.

Once again we look towards the creators of the brand ‘democracy.’ We forget again the recent past where we were stranded by them after the fall of the Soviet Union. We forget again that they are the ones who led to the embarrassment of Dr. AQ Khan. We forget again that they are the ones who incite our so called leaders to tame the army through their ‘Kerry Lugar’ bills. We forget again that they are the ones which are constantly caught red handed taking information about our nuclear assets. We forget again that they are ones which strive hard to equip our neighbours with hi-tech equipment and nuclear technology. We forget again they played their part in all major events from assassination of Liaqat Ali Khan to the demise of Benazir Bhutto. It seems like our both long and short term memories have been weakened. It might be possible that we have a clot in our brain. This clot is not red but it has the colours of the flag of the United States of America.

Yet, we try harder to please the oppressors. We travel thousands of miles to seek an aid of USD 1.5 billion from them. Yet, we fail to control the corruption in tenure of a government which seems to exceed hundreds of billions of dollars. We fail to extract our resources which have been gifted to us by God when Pakistan was made. We only strive to become the blue-eyed boy of them knowing that they have only blurred our vision.

Our ‘brotherly’ countries are looking towards our neighbours for avenues of ‘economic cooperation.’ The Sino Pak relationship is just on paper due to our immense interest in aiding China’s real enemies. We face our backs to our natural allies in the hope of becoming modern. We force our traditional allies to rethink their views about us. We force them to believe that we have already gone too far. As a result, we allow our leaders to make a mockery of our nation.

We are today worried about removing our leaders in order to save the ‘federation.’ The ‘federation’ in which no leader of the parliament believes in.

My advice to them would be that the ‘federation’ lies with the power of the people of Pakistan. This Islamic Republic of Pakistan was meant for the welfare of the people. These people are neither represented by a leader nor an ethnicity. They are represented by their current state of affairs. Poverty is what they are represented by. These people wait when they will smile again knowing that they have forgotten how to smile. These people still hope for a miracle because they believe that Pakistan was God’s miracle on Earth.

Yes, this is the time when we need it the most; a leader which can spark the flames waiting in dark. A leader which truly possesses the traits of a tiger defined by courage and dignity. Before the arrival we desperately need to seek forgiveness from God. We need to understand that God will reignite these flames if we place ourselves under Him. Because He is the one which has glorified us before. He is the one who has made Pakistan possible. And, Inshallah He will be the One who will make a leader rise from within. This leader will Inshallah cure our ‘cancer.’ We need this leader now, more than ever!